Global Climate March

The world needs you, now. Come to Oakland tomorrow and show up for our future.  TOMORROW’s NCCM march is expected to be the largest Global Climate March in the United States, but only with your and your friends’ help.

Look for the DSA banner at 10:30 near the corner of Lakeside and 14th, and at Frank Ogawa/Oscar Grant Plaza at 1:00. We’ll be handing out Bernie Literature – bring water and a bag.

BREAKING: Due to the heightened security situation, the French government will not allow the Global Climate March planned in Paris.

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Bernie!! Feel The BERN

Greetings fellow Berners!

Help spread the word this weekend.  We are working on going to two different farmer’s markets this Saturday, September 26. The first is El Cerrito Farmers Market, meeting at 9:30am at the edge of Market, look for the sign. The second is across from the Grand Lake Theater, at 10am, look for the Bernie table.

We have two tables, and we have some signs and will find more.
We have literature about Bernie both in English and in Spanish.
We are also looking forward to tabling at the community colleges, notably Berkeley CC first.
Hope you can join us.
This is an exciting time! Bernie is doing really well. He is going to need a lot of folks working for him and supporting him through this process and then the next four years!!
In Solidarity and Thanks

Monthly Meeting

Happy Labor Day to all! Sorry for the long hiatus between posts. I’ll try to be better about keeping the site up to date in the upcoming months considering the interest and excitement Senator Sanders has been generating in Democratic Socialism.

We are planning our next meeting for September 12at :

The Niebyll-Proctor Library
6501 Telegraph Avenue just North of Alcatraz

 9:45am- Schmooze and coffee. Bring something to share if you wish.
10am- Business meeting. Reports on things we have been doing with other groups and activities.
11am- Bernie Business. Preparation and support in getting out to work for Bernie.  FEEL THE BERN!!!
12pm- Adjournment.
Come and Join! Senator Sanders offers us great opportunities to tell fellow citizens about democratic socialism.

Peace, War, US Foreign Policy, and Climate Crisis

Democratic Socialists of America E Bay invites you to a report back and discussion about Peace, War, US Foreign Policy, and Climate Crisis

Saturday, October 11, 2014 9:45 Doors Open

10:00 – 11:00 DSA Business / Planning Meeting

11:00 AM – 12:30 PM

Michael Eisenscher, US Labor Against the War
Jackie Cabasso, Western States Legal Foundation,
United for Peace and Justice

Michael and Jackie work locally with the Bay Area New Priorities Campaign.

Both Michael and Jackie are back from New York where they attended
People’s Climate March, Sunday Sept 21
People’s Climate Convergence (on days prior to the march)
UFPJ leadership meeting (day after the march)

Niebyl Proctor Library, 6501 Telegraph, Oakland

Photos of People’s Climate March in NY

Photos of People’s Climate Rally in Oakland

Monthly Meeting

Hi Everyone!

I just wanted to remind you all that we are meeting this Saturday, April 12. And Wilma, one of our members will be celebrating the beginning of her 90th red year!
As well, Susan Chacin and Shereen Rahman willbe talking about the feminist socialist experience and the challenges faced. It should be a great discussion.
As well there are lots of issues coming up: single-payer, focused taxes for those who have been able to take the cream off of the system for their benefit, and ways of helping to make them share it.
Meeting will be at Niebyl-Proctor Library, 6501 Telegraph Avenue, just North of Alcatraz in Oakland. Meeting goes from 10am -12pm.
Schmoozing beings at 9:45am.


The Alameda Public Affairs Forum

Saturday, February 8, 2014: 

“The Importance of a Free Press to a Democratic Society in an Age of Internet Journalism”

John Diaz, Editorial Editor of the San Francisco Chronicle

We are very proud that the Chronicle has taken a strong stand against government attacks on American freedom of the press and the intrusion of its international surveillance programs.

Forums are 7-9 PM in the library conference room

Come at 6:30 PM for a potluck of refreshments and snacks to share with friends 1550 Oak and Lincoln, Entrance and parking in the rear. Questions and discussion following the speaker’s presentation. Literature about Tibet and information about human rights in China will be available. Admission fee not required, but donations are welcome

J. Stitt Wilson Event

When:    Saturday, January 11, 2014, 2 – 3:30pm
Where:    2090 Kittredge St., Berkeley, CA 94704  (In the 3rd floor community meeting room.)
Event:    J. Stitt Wilson, Socialist Mayor of Berkeley
J. Stitt Wilson (1868 – 1942) made national news when he was elected Mayor of Berkeley in April 1911 becoming the 2nd Socialist Mayor in America. A former minister who preached the Social Gospel, his two years as Mayor were only a small part in a life dedicated to creating a cooperative society in which “every person in the world can attain to the highest development of his being”Presenter: Stephen Barton, Ph.D.
Stephen Barton is the author of articles on the history of progressive urban movements, social and economic justice and affordable housing. He is at work on a biography of Berkeley Mayor J. Stitt Wilson and has a forthcoming article on Wilson’s socialist feminism.

Monthly Meeting

Just a reminder that our next meeting will be January 11, 2014 at the Niebyll-Proctor Library at 6501 Telegraph Ave slightly north of Alcatraz
at 10 till noon.

Laura Wells, a Green Party member will also join us to talk about independent electoral action as part of progressive strategies.

I hope to see you soon. We have lots to talk about and get ready for!